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Hello Readers, Ready to learn new techniques to heal yourself before taking a therapeutic massages? Here is the list of the journey to empathise and cleanse your body and calmness to your soul; Earthing- Earthing is also termed as grounding. It’s a way that focuses on realigning by reconnecting yourself to the earth. Scientific research has explored grounding for inflammation, cardiovascular disease, muscle damage, chronic pain, and mood. Types of Grounding or Earthing are, walking barefoot (walking barefoot on grass or mud generate a earthing energy which connects you directly to the earth), Lying on the ground (this increases the amount of your skin directly touches the earth), Using grounding equipment such as grounding mats, grounding sheets or blankets, grounding socks, grounding bands and patches. Why we do grounding? Research shows that it has shown a good effect on people suffering from, Chronic fatigue, Chronic pain, Anxiety and Depression, Sleep disorders and cardiovascular disease. Wellbeing- A way of massage which generates energy to your body to release the toxins. In this massage we stimulate the tissue and focus on specified areas to release endorphins throughout the body, while providing localised relief. Few benefits of this therapy are; · Reducing stress and increasing relaxation. · Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension. · Improving circulation, energy and alertness. · Lowering heart rate and blood pressure. · Improving immune function. Are you looking for improving your lifecycle, sleep, lifestyle, and taking action to heal your own body ? Let us be the part of your way to increase your energy and a positive journey to the life. Call us any time you feel down and tired , we will be there for you ! ?