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Hola everyone,

If you are here reading this, you are at the right place where to get a private massage therapy in Marylebone, London.

Are you looking for peaceful private studio, where to come by and get healed and cared for ?

I am Alison, Spanish massage therapist based in the heart of Marylebone with my own private space, available 7 days a week from midday till late evenings.

About my massage therapies :

Massages are one mode which helps you to release all the negativity from the body and loosens it completely to make you feel relaxed. Some of the advantages of my therapies are:

Soft Tissue Massage – Massages are mainly for relaxation – healing and detox . They are great for calming your mind, and relaxing the body. It stimulates the blood circulation and improves lymph flow which helps your immune system to fight inflammation and stress.

Deep Tissue Massage – This massage technique is a bit more intense and the pressure goes deeper than soft tissue. It is great for those who are suffering from long term stiffness, injuries, cronic pain and muscle damage. It goes directly to the muscle and connective tissue.

Hot stones – Using hot stones at the start of the massage, it helps your muscles to relax, then once your body is ready I proceed to deliver acupressure to the right spots.

Massages helps with anxiety, digestive disorder, headaches, back pain, sports injuries, with sleepness, cronic fatigue, etc.

Massages also help you to forget the daily stress and to release the stiff body from all the hard work you have been through.

Some of the things I do to help your body to heal :

· Caring hands give possitive energy to the stressed body and help to heal faster.

· Using Scented oils can help your mind to calm down and relax, feel loved and cared.

· Being tired, feeling drained and and stressed .. all you need is a moment for you ? I will share with you little tricks to be your own healer and make the right changes to remove negative thoughts and live a wonderful life as we all deserve.

These are some of the services I provide for your body, mind and soul.

Hope to see you soon at my studio in the heart of Marylebone, feel free to message me or give me a call to enquire .

Alison xoxo !